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                  MINDFULNESS for every"body”

                          Customized Wellness Coaching 

Mindfulness and Yoga Outreach 


Workshops, classes, seminars are created to teach basic principles of mindfulness and yoga. Participants will complete breathwork and movement exercises increasing breath awareness and yoga and movement practices to help them focus and become mindful. Program is individualized and created to meet the needs of the clients. 

                 Schools- Teachers and staff will be given tools and participate in activities to cope with challenging students, parents, staff, as well as situations. They will complete hands-on practices that can be incorporated into the workday and  classroom to use with students. Learning mindfulness and yoga will also increase work performance, as well as increase attendance and productivity.

              Businesses : Mindfulness and yoga coaching will teach staff/personnel of local and corporate organizations to improve morale, better focus and attention, positivity, and productivity through breath work and movement. As a result they will manage work-life balance, create plans for emotional high and lows, as well as build skills to respond mindfully. 

                 Small groups of 3+  Mindfulness and yoga coaching will provide community members with groups of 3 or more opportunities to reduce stress via breathing activities and movement, manage work-life balance, create plans for emotional highs and lows, and build skills to respond mindfully.

                            Mindfulness and yoga for Parents/Caregivers of Special Needs        

                            Mindfulness and yoga for Eating

                            Mindfulness and yoga for  Life

   1:1 Nutritional Coaching for Weight loss

  • You’ll eat mindfully and select foods to fuel the body and nourish the mind and naturally lose weight and keep it off forever. 

  • You’ll be present and identify tools to reduce stress creating a balance between work and home.

  • You’ll identify  techniques for managing worry, anxiety, overload, and stress in the body

  • You’ll be able to move with purpose on and off the mat with breath and purpose.

  • Access to yoga and mindfulness sessions.


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Breathing Meditation
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