JULY 6- JULY 31, 2020


We are offering a 1 & 2 hour workshops of fun, movement, yoga, crafts, journal writing, and more. Workshops will be led by a certified educator and yoga instructor for 4 weeks starting July 6-July 31.


Workshop is onsite to give your child the opportunities outside the home to learn ways to relax and move during these unforeseen times. There we are accepting only 10 participants per session to keep everyone safe and promote social distancing.




Kindergarten– Wednesdays 3-3:45


Session- $80.00


Grades 1-3
Mondays & Tuesdays 9-11am
Friday 9-11am


Each Session – $160.00 ( Families can select more than one day)


Grades 4-6
Mondays & Fridays 12pm-2pm
Wednesdays- 9-11am


Each Session – $160.00 (Families can select more than one day)


Middle School Grades 6-8 Friday 3-4pm


Session- $80