Q Testimonials

Rachael has been my Wednesday teacher for the past 1 1/2 years. She knows where I’ve come from and pushed me to my limits and acknowledges my progress. She motivates me to work hard. She had good flow to her class. I feel stronger , flexible and more balanced. My massage therapist has remarked on how much better my back is.

Mary Trageser, Merritt Member

Rachael’s class has helped me be a faster, stronger, cyclist.

ason, Yogi

This was my 4th yoga class ever and was by far the most intense. But as a beginner, it was great and I took my time and was able to do everything. This class was great!

Benjamin Deaver, Student

Peace and Happiness, I love your focus on BREATHING! I am a Bird of Paradise!!


Rachael is engaging and knowledgeable. Her classes are challenging and always push me forward in my yoga practice.

Tiffany Holmes, Yoga Student

I enjoyed the yoga class very much. She is a very experienced instructor. I give her 5 gold stars.

Sandy Williams, Yoga Student

I am 54 years old and have been practicing yoga for just over a year now. My flexibility and balance have definitely improved. Rachael’s class is by far the most challenging class I take. I look forward to the workout.

Tim Trageserankie